when beauty is a "Symbol of sadness and Death".

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Hi everyone I have a new blog posted on wordpress.com if you're interested in reading it click on the title and it will take you there. its not for the faint of heart.and leave a comment. THANKS

When old cars go bad

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Pure Insanity

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ALABAMA - Angels Among Us

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This is for a dear friend of mine who recently lost her only brother.I hope this show you that there is love,peace and joy around you and he is an angel watching over you.

I once was lost but now am found

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Do you have a kid out there you haven't been around for ? What about the guy doing the father figure role a job we as birth fathers should be doing. Every guy has a story on why he was not around for his kid or kids. After so many years has passed do you wish to be located and face the judgement before you about what happen , where were you ? Am I ready to face his judgement ? What can we say to help our kids understand why things happen the way they did. I'm facing that question now.
I was contacted By my son through my facebook page. He has my looks and full name and the kicker is he asked me about being married to his mom. He is 18 now but I last saw him when he was 2 years old when I was married to his mom.
For the first time in my life I'm feeling this fear of contact to meet him . What is there for me to say A lot of years has gone by and there are people In his life now who have raised him to this point of his jorney in life to growing up. what role for me do i have or his reason for knowing who i am .My feeling about this is no there is no chance for me to have any role in his life how can I . How can you have or earn a role as a father when you haven't been around for years ? look at all the things you missed but mainly not being there to talk with. Boys learn to become men from their father learning life lessons and rules. Now he has learned what there is from another man his step father and the love that was yours as a father is in the heart of the step father . A guy who has been around teaching , loving and showing himself to be the father that your kid or kids didn't have in their lives.
So ask yourself what is it worth to be contacted by a kid that never knew you . ?

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Journey through life

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With all the problems before man kind was it worth it

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Looking in from the other side

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Sunset over the Gulf

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At what cost when it come to old friendship

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what is it worth to have old co workers or friends pop back up into your life ? Is there a motive to it or is it life reminding you of something that need to be corrected or something to remind you of bad emotions you had of the job or growing up.There is nothing wrong with old friends just showing back up in your life because there are people we've met that we lost track of over the years that we want to stay close to but really what about old co worker people you really don't call friend. But someone I once worked with.
When we change jobs and time has passed old co workers are not people I want tracking me down just to remind me of how crazy things were back then. I'm not sure about you let me run onto someone I grew up with as a kid an old school mate now that reliving life" wow those were the days".old co workers only remind you about things we want to forget and never want to remember "we did that on the job and remember when you got fired sorry no not my cup of tea. That is a part of my life I forget about and moved on from Not sure how you feel about the subject but old co workers who needs them. Every job I've worked wasn't the best in the world and I met some nice people but reliving that moment in life is well "I pass".
We live in a time where the Internet Is a strong part of our lives and social networking is king. We put our information out there for the world to see and people are now able to just enter your name and "poof " there is all your info there for all to see. Is it really worth it to make contact with an old co worked or old friend ?
Ask yourself did this person really like me when we worked together or grew up together ?
And what takes the cake is you Invite an old friend to a party or social gathering to catch up on old time and low and behold they get drunk and become the life of the party and open up about everything they know about you things that was wiped out of your mind and forgotten about and now it's out for you to relive the moment all over again .well that's just my opinion tell me what you think we all have our own opinion about the matter of how we feel about friendship .But remember this Long lasting friendship does not happen in a day. It takes years to develop understanding and higher levels of trust, if you want to boast of having old friends. It needs equal efforts from both sides to make the relation work.

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